Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rôti Sans Pareil

John Madden I warn you not to read any further unless you have a clean pair of underpants handy.

Everyone is familiar with the Turducken. It is of course the delightful treat composed of a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey made famous in recent years by BOOM! John Madden. In a parody on Frank TV "Madden" contemplates a fourth animal in the feast. Deciding to either go smaller with a weasel or bigger with a buck horn sheep.

If 3 birds stuffed inside one another is enough to make your mouth water prepare to be decleated by the Roast without equal. At a royal feast in 19th century France a 1) Bustard was stuffed with a 2) Turkey stuffed with a 3) Goose stuffed with a 4) Pheasant stuffed with a 5) Chicken stuffed with a 6) Duck stuffed with a 7) Guinea Fowl stuffed with a 8) Teal stuffed with a 9) Woodcock stuffed with a 10) Partridge stuffed with a 11) Plover stuffed with a 12) Lapwing stuffed with a 13) Quail stuffed with a 14) Thrush stuffed with a 15) Lark stuffed with a 16) Ortolan Bunting stuffed with a 17) Garden Warbler stuffed with an olive. Yeah thats right 17 birds stuffed inside each other with an olive stuffed in the little tiny one! Unfortunately half the birds are now endangered so the 34 wing meal can not be recreated today. So let this be a challange to John Madden and the rest of the U.S. to defeat the French (how hard has it been throughout the rest of history) at what we do best, being completely ridiculous and getting fat. My suggestion for the most delicious set of Russian nesting dolls begins with a full cage of beef ribs and ends with a hotdog, you fill in the blanks America.

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