Friday, September 12, 2008

Remember: SPUD

S P U D period
A solid playground game back in the day. The basic premise is you get a group of people and a kickball. Someone throws the ball in the air and calls someones name (other versions have everyone given a number and the number is whats called) everyone except that person run like the dickens. When the person called catches the ball they call stop or freeze or whatever you please. haha oh random rhyming. Anyway then the person counts out S P U D period with each step they take toward people that ran like the dickens. If they hit somebody that person gets a letter a la HORSE, if they miss then the thrower gets a letter. Its really a grand game, I always wanted to get a game going at college but it never happened. Maybe I can get all the neighborhood children to help me revisit my childhood. So if anyone is ever trying to get a game of SPUD going lemme know and I'll see who I can round up.

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