Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Millionare and his Wife

How much money did Mr. Howell actually have? I mean sure he seemed rich and brought a ton of clothing and money for what was supposed to be a three hour boat tour, but as Chuck from Little Big League points out if Mr. Howell was really all that rich he would never have boarded the S.S. Minnow.

According to the show he had his fair share of assets. A railroad, an oil well, typical rich guy stuff, a diamond mine okay cool, a coconut plantation, not really a money maker as far as I know but still pretty sweet. The real money machine he apparently had was 40 acres of land in Colorado, not that impressive but it apparently included all of downtown Denver. Upon further thought 40 acres is not a large area. That could be like main street Denver I guess, a solid chunk of change I'm sure but that don't get you in Forbes. Or does it.

There is an actual list Forbes puts out from time to time of the richest fictional people. On the latest list (2007) Thurston Howell ranks 9th, net worth 6.3 Billion dollars right behind Bruce Wayne at 7 Bil. Topping the most recent list Scrooge McDuck with a net worth of 28.8 Billion. How did he always dive in the pit of coins and not get horribly injured?

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