Monday, December 29, 2008

Reed Fence

To follow up the previous post Ed Reed is arguably the best safety in the game to day. But were you aware that he has a good chance to become one of the best safeties statistically of all time, and very quickly. I'm just gonna throw out some stat categories with the NFL record maybe what the 10th best is and then where Ed Reed ranks.

Most years leading the league in interceptions
Record-----3-Everson Walls, Dallas, '81 '82 & '85
T-2nd-----2- Ed Reed '04 & '08

Interceptions in a Career
Record-----81-Paul Krause
10th-------57- Mel Blount
43-Ed Reed

Oh, and assuming Ty Law retires like he was until the Jets desperately signed him mid year Reed will be tied for 2nd with Champ Bailey among active players.

And here is where he might be the best ever.

Interception return yards in a career
Record----- 1483- Rod Woodson
5th-------- 1185- Paul Krause
6th-------- 1144-ED REED

Interception Return yards in a season
Record-----358-ED REED

Interception Return yards in a game
Record-----177-Charlie McNeil
150-Ed Reed

Longest Interception return
Record-----107- ED REED
2nd--------106- ED REED
T-3rd------ 103- Two Players

Yards per Interception Return (Min 50 Ints)
Record-----25.1- Deion Sanders
2nd-------- 19.2-Lem Barney

With 43 Ints Reed currently sits at 26.6 YPR. If you assume he gets 7 more INTs but gets 0 yards on returns his average would be 22.9 good enough for second place all time.

Career Non-Offensive Touchdowns
Record-----19- Deion Sanders
2nd--------17-Rod Woodson
3rd--------13-Two Players
T-11th-----11-Ed Reed

Punt Blocks returned for touchdowns
Record-----3- Ed Reed

Oh and he is the only player ever to score Touchdowns in all of the following ways
Interception Return
Fumble return
Punt Return
Punt Block return

Here is a video someone made of a bunch of Ed Reed Clips. If you fast forward to the 1:10 mark you will see why I added this. You will see Ed Reed intercept a pass about 6 yards deep in his own end zone. There is nothing to suggest he should make any attempt to return this pick. He does and returns it for a touchdown. You will also notice toward the end of the play a Ravens player (I believe Will Demps) is not paying attention to a Jet he could block pretty easily. He will later illegally block him costing Reed the touchdown. That's right if Will Demps pays slightly more attention on that play Ed Reed would have the 3 longest interceptions returned for touchdowns in the history of the league.

So next time you hear someone debating the best safety in the league make sure the words "Ed Reed" and "Ball hawk" make there way into that conversation.

Remember: The Ravens Super Bowl Defense

With the Ravens clinching a playoff berth in a game where Ed Reed intercepted 2 passes and lateraled the ball on both returns, one of which began deep in the end zone with the game all but over, I couldn't help thinking about how great the Ravens Super Bowl D was.

Top 5 Stats about the 2000 Ravens Super Bowl Winning Defense

5-They gave up only 10.3 points per game, a modern NFL record

4-They surrendered 970 rushing yards all season which comes to 60.6 per game and 2.7 per carry. Which leads to one of my favorite Ray Lewis quotes. When asked "why do teams run on you when they know you are so good?" Ray responded "It's like in a restaurant when the waitress tells you not to touch the plate because its hot. You touch it to see what her definition of hot is and then you don't touch the plate again"

3- They only gave up 23 points in 4 playoff games, including the 7 in the Super Bowl which were on a kickoff return, not really the defense.

2-The offense failed to score a touchdown for a record 5 straight games and the team went 2-3.

1- Every game the Offense scored more than 6 points, they won. If they scored a single touchdown that year they won the game. That is insane!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Feather Dusters

If you dont like traditional roles then you should love birds.

Think about it, traditionally the man does the difficult gross stuff. Kills the spiders, puts up the barns, etc. etc. (sidenote did you know spelled out it is et cetera? I wonder who the last person to spell that out was?) Look at birds, the femme does a lot of the dirty work. Builds the nest, chews up the worms and spits them into the mouths of the baby birds. And what does the guy do? He just flies around all colorful looking for sex. Which if you've been to a club or a bar anytime recently thats the exact mindset some young ladies wander around with.

Note: Some information about birds may be incorrect...this is not a joke I'm really just not sure nor do I want to spend the time and effort to find out which bird actually constructs the nest.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why are they clapping?

So I'm watching Jeopardy, "The classic thinking person's answer and question show" as comcast describes it. And someone selects a category and dollar amount and whattayaknow its the daily double. Fair enough happens 3 times a show. But then the other contestants and the audience clap. Why? He didn't do anything yet! He has the ability to read and picked a randomly assigned clue. I mean I can understand the clapping if they get it right. Congratulating the accomplishment and being a good sport that's fine. But there is no need to clap for a random occurance.

Clapping for nothing isnt contained to Jeopardy. Yes, I am also a Wheel watcher. And everytime somebody spins the wheel, boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop, the other contestants clap. Is this being a good sport? I mean not really what is there to clap about? Does anyone hear that clapping and think 'yeah I just spun the hell outta that wheel'? I highly doubt it. And if they do I'm not sure i trust their knowledge of the alphabet is at the level it should be to play Wheel of Fortune.