Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fortune or No?: Part II

Same deal as Part I, is it a fortune or not or does it fall in that gray area.
*Tangent*- Whats the deal with gray and grey? I wanna say one is older English or something but you see them both all over the place. Weird. Anywho

"Indulge your ambitious nature"
Not a Fortune: Clearly just a command. No food can straight tell me what to do, unless its Jesus as a bowl of cherries.

"You will soon receive help from an unexpected source"
Fortune: Talkin' bout the future, a little mystery with this unexpected deal. I like it, solid fortune

"Give your business interests top priority next month"
Not a Fortune: Quit trying to boss me around cookie, but thanks for giving me til next month before i have to change my priorities. And tell me whats gonna happen, don't suggest what I should do.

"You will soon change your present line of work"
Fortune: Pretty obvious, I guess I'm not interested in what I do or maybe I change jobs around the first of the month...Lets be real these fortunes are fairly old, cookie you missed the mark.

"Participation in sports may lead you to a lucrative career"
Gray Area: Sounds pretty fortuney, but at the same time its also just kinda a statement. Also pretty sure I missed that boat. Panda lady musta messed up and gave me the wrong cookie.

That brings our total count to 4-2-3, Fortune - Gray Area - Not a Fortune

Monday, March 15, 2010

Everything Butt College Basketball

The NCAA tournament field was selected yesterday. This reminded me of a essay I began on what I now see is December 1st, 2009. It started out something like this...

"I have a theory regarding ESPN, and possibly its own demise. The more popular ESPN has become the more and more people they have hired. Many of these people perform unbelievably specific and often times useless tasks. The more people they hire the more pointless tasks they need to create and before you know it, they've eaten themselves alive like a confused snake.

Anyway, one of these tasks that is pointless something like 49 weeks out of the year is projecting the entire NCAA Tournament field. But guess what ESPNs Joe Lunardi cranked out 2 weeks ago...yup an entire bracket, seedings and all."

So at the time I took the bracket and decided to do something at the very worst equally as pointless. I played out the entire tourney using the mascot names. The funniest mascot name moving forward. Oh did I mention in this game you have to add the word "Butt" to the beginning of the mascot name? Cause yeah you do. (They idea stems from a Bill Simmons Mailbag, I'm not a complete nutbag) Sorry I don't have the actual schools on there, and feel free to debate a match up you think went the wrong way.

On an actual sports related note some of the choices are pretty funny. The following are some notable seeds Lunardi picked 3 months ago with the teams actual seed in parentheses. Kansas 1 (1), WVU 2 (2), Duke 2 (1), UNC 2 (NIT), UConn 4 (NIT), Syracuse 10 (1) and of course Terps 7 (4).

See below for the bracket, the only way it was readable was to break it up. Enjoy...if you are as immature as I you shall.