Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smirel for da camera

Asians have made great strides in almost every phase of life. They are good at seemingly everything. You have your Yao Mings, your Ichiros, Yo-Yo Ma, Jackie Chan, that army of tiny tiny gymnasts. You name a thing people do and there is an Asian that is crazy good at it. Example: Hotdog eating. Although today I found a skill no asian has been able to master. That skill: Taking pictures of food and making it look good. Every asian resturant has the same pictures of the food up on the wall. They dont use movie magic with dry ice making steam or scoops of fat instead of icecream. They just whip out a polaroid and take a snapshot of the Poo Poo platter before they take it over to table 6. Wave it in the air a little and bam put a price on it and stick throw it up on the big board. Perhaps this is the most efficient way to do things. Perhaps its somekinda minimalist zen thing. Who knows why they do it, one of lifes mysteries i suppose. Like that tree falling or that hand clapping thing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baltimore is back!

I've known for a few months that the Orioles were going to but "Baltimore" back on the road jerseys, but now that I've seen the pictures I am so stoked. The new uniforms (click the photo gallery link at the top of the article to see pictures) are a great modern retro look a la Camden Yards. The cartoon bird swinging a bat is back on the jackets AND the Maryland patch is sweet as well. Sure I'm bias but the Maryland flag is pretty sweet. Disagree? Look at the Terps endzones and shut your face. Well looks like im definitely getting season tickets. Now I just gotta wait to see where Texiera signs to figure out just how good my seats are gonna be.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Overhead Projector

I'm not trying to get all political or anything but ABC how do you "project" these things? In the time I'm typing this these numbers might change but as of now Obama is projected to win Pennsylvania up 64% to 35% with "0%" of precincts reporting in other words about 8000 to 4000. Ohio however he is up 65% to 34% with "0%" reporting however it is about 300,000 to 150,00 and no projection is being made. The two states have fairly similar populations of between 11 and 12 million. Now how exactly is one a projected win and another too close to call? I'm not saying it will be wrong I just want at least a few sentences telling me why you chose to but that ever important check mark next to Obamas name in one instance but not another similar if not more obvious instance. I like how all the networks after the 2000 Florida debacle said "we aren't gonna call states super early anymore" (yes that is an exact quote from all the networks combined) but now they still do it anyway.

Again I'm not saying you will be wrong just if you are that sure you wont be wrong tell me the hell why please.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Evian is Naive spelled backward

Dear Evian Water,

Thanks but no thanks for donating all that bottled water for the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure in Hunt Valley. I'll admit I was tired as hell at the end and boy did I appreciate the water on the morning of October the 19th.

However I was bothered to read on the side of your bottle later that day the water you so graciously donated was produced on 10/03/06 17:57 and expired 10/08/2008. If not for the fact I constantly forget what year it is (seriously that Y2K thing was that long ago?) I would have noticed a little faster, but that water you gave me "went bad" 11 days ago! I don't even know how water goes bad but still! At least have the respect to somehow take that off the side of the bottle. All I ask is next time you donate something to someone it be something that actually has a value above that of garbage.


P.S. I've been refilling and reusing the bottle in my car and stuff and the little flippy cap thing broke off after like 10 days of use. Really? You couldn't make a more durable cap? Not that I ever bought your snobby water before but good luck trying to get me to buy it ever. Deer Park '08!