Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Overhead Projector

I'm not trying to get all political or anything but ABC how do you "project" these things? In the time I'm typing this these numbers might change but as of now Obama is projected to win Pennsylvania up 64% to 35% with "0%" of precincts reporting in other words about 8000 to 4000. Ohio however he is up 65% to 34% with "0%" reporting however it is about 300,000 to 150,00 and no projection is being made. The two states have fairly similar populations of between 11 and 12 million. Now how exactly is one a projected win and another too close to call? I'm not saying it will be wrong I just want at least a few sentences telling me why you chose to but that ever important check mark next to Obamas name in one instance but not another similar if not more obvious instance. I like how all the networks after the 2000 Florida debacle said "we aren't gonna call states super early anymore" (yes that is an exact quote from all the networks combined) but now they still do it anyway.

Again I'm not saying you will be wrong just if you are that sure you wont be wrong tell me the hell why please.

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  1. And what's the deal with some networks calling earlier than others? I was watching CNN and they definitely poked fun at all the networks that were calling so early with no one reporting.