Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smirel for da camera

Asians have made great strides in almost every phase of life. They are good at seemingly everything. You have your Yao Mings, your Ichiros, Yo-Yo Ma, Jackie Chan, that army of tiny tiny gymnasts. You name a thing people do and there is an Asian that is crazy good at it. Example: Hotdog eating. Although today I found a skill no asian has been able to master. That skill: Taking pictures of food and making it look good. Every asian resturant has the same pictures of the food up on the wall. They dont use movie magic with dry ice making steam or scoops of fat instead of icecream. They just whip out a polaroid and take a snapshot of the Poo Poo platter before they take it over to table 6. Wave it in the air a little and bam put a price on it and stick throw it up on the big board. Perhaps this is the most efficient way to do things. Perhaps its somekinda minimalist zen thing. Who knows why they do it, one of lifes mysteries i suppose. Like that tree falling or that hand clapping thing.

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