Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why are they clapping?

So I'm watching Jeopardy, "The classic thinking person's answer and question show" as comcast describes it. And someone selects a category and dollar amount and whattayaknow its the daily double. Fair enough happens 3 times a show. But then the other contestants and the audience clap. Why? He didn't do anything yet! He has the ability to read and picked a randomly assigned clue. I mean I can understand the clapping if they get it right. Congratulating the accomplishment and being a good sport that's fine. But there is no need to clap for a random occurance.

Clapping for nothing isnt contained to Jeopardy. Yes, I am also a Wheel watcher. And everytime somebody spins the wheel, boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop, the other contestants clap. Is this being a good sport? I mean not really what is there to clap about? Does anyone hear that clapping and think 'yeah I just spun the hell outta that wheel'? I highly doubt it. And if they do I'm not sure i trust their knowledge of the alphabet is at the level it should be to play Wheel of Fortune.

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