Friday, December 19, 2008

Feather Dusters

If you dont like traditional roles then you should love birds.

Think about it, traditionally the man does the difficult gross stuff. Kills the spiders, puts up the barns, etc. etc. (sidenote did you know spelled out it is et cetera? I wonder who the last person to spell that out was?) Look at birds, the femme does a lot of the dirty work. Builds the nest, chews up the worms and spits them into the mouths of the baby birds. And what does the guy do? He just flies around all colorful looking for sex. Which if you've been to a club or a bar anytime recently thats the exact mindset some young ladies wander around with.

Note: Some information about birds may be incorrect...this is not a joke I'm really just not sure nor do I want to spend the time and effort to find out which bird actually constructs the nest.

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