Sunday, October 12, 2008

Superman the animated series...sorta

Most people have been asked the question "If you could have a super power what would it be?" Naturally like 45% of people pick invisibility and 45% pick the ability to fly. Most of the other 10% pick something out of X-men. As awesome as the X-men are I would definitely be cartoon physics man.

My two favorite skills I would have are the ability to reinflate myself when i get crushed and or become an accordion in said situation and the ability to eat large foods whole while you can watch the shape of the food slide down my neck.

The other advantages are I would be virtually invincible. I couldn't be crushed or fall to my death. If i were to get shot my tummy would just look like Swiss cheese while water would pour out the holes.

Plus I would be able to "fly" for very short periods of time before I realized I was not on the ground and then I would fall. Then again I could also just not look down like they did in the tiny toons movie and I could just walk across. I could also become invisible if i had a can of paint.

Man being a cartoon would be fun.