Thursday, April 9, 2009

We talkin' bout flea market...Montgomery

Moments ago on the Office, Ryan was watching an internet video. If you've seen it before you probably recognized it as it is the hilarious Flea Market Montgomery commercial. If you have not seen it view it here. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Strahan is a genius

I just saw a subway commercial where former NFL player Michael Strahan is making a sub for someone when a "real" subway employee tells him there is no roast beef on an Italian BMT. He stares at her like the large human being he is and she walks away. Then the commercial just goes on to push the 5 dollar foot longs some more. Now I'm aware the BMT lacks roast beef, thats what I get like 70% of the time I go to subway, but if you are going to tease me with it in the commercial you better tell me how I can get it. I'm sitting here expecting them to tell me "GUESS WHAT! YOU can add an extra meat to any 5 dollar foot long at no additional cost! THATS RIGHT! We made this deal better!" No instead all I learned was that a deal that I'm fairly certain never left, not only came back but is now... still here. Lame. At least they didnt play that stupid jingle I hate.