Monday, December 29, 2008

Remember: The Ravens Super Bowl Defense

With the Ravens clinching a playoff berth in a game where Ed Reed intercepted 2 passes and lateraled the ball on both returns, one of which began deep in the end zone with the game all but over, I couldn't help thinking about how great the Ravens Super Bowl D was.

Top 5 Stats about the 2000 Ravens Super Bowl Winning Defense

5-They gave up only 10.3 points per game, a modern NFL record

4-They surrendered 970 rushing yards all season which comes to 60.6 per game and 2.7 per carry. Which leads to one of my favorite Ray Lewis quotes. When asked "why do teams run on you when they know you are so good?" Ray responded "It's like in a restaurant when the waitress tells you not to touch the plate because its hot. You touch it to see what her definition of hot is and then you don't touch the plate again"

3- They only gave up 23 points in 4 playoff games, including the 7 in the Super Bowl which were on a kickoff return, not really the defense.

2-The offense failed to score a touchdown for a record 5 straight games and the team went 2-3.

1- Every game the Offense scored more than 6 points, they won. If they scored a single touchdown that year they won the game. That is insane!

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