Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fortune or No?: Part II

Same deal as Part I, is it a fortune or not or does it fall in that gray area.
*Tangent*- Whats the deal with gray and grey? I wanna say one is older English or something but you see them both all over the place. Weird. Anywho

"Indulge your ambitious nature"
Not a Fortune: Clearly just a command. No food can straight tell me what to do, unless its Jesus as a bowl of cherries.

"You will soon receive help from an unexpected source"
Fortune: Talkin' bout the future, a little mystery with this unexpected deal. I like it, solid fortune

"Give your business interests top priority next month"
Not a Fortune: Quit trying to boss me around cookie, but thanks for giving me til next month before i have to change my priorities. And tell me whats gonna happen, don't suggest what I should do.

"You will soon change your present line of work"
Fortune: Pretty obvious, I guess I'm not interested in what I do or maybe I change jobs around the first of the month...Lets be real these fortunes are fairly old, cookie you missed the mark.

"Participation in sports may lead you to a lucrative career"
Gray Area: Sounds pretty fortuney, but at the same time its also just kinda a statement. Also pretty sure I missed that boat. Panda lady musta messed up and gave me the wrong cookie.

That brings our total count to 4-2-3, Fortune - Gray Area - Not a Fortune

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