Thursday, September 4, 2008

Star Wars Defense

A New Hope was on today which of course make me think about what i would have done if I was in Star Wars. Not like in the movie but like in the galaxy far far away a long time ago. I'm probably using too much logic here but why didnt anyone make a mirrored suit? Lasers are light and should be reflected away by a mirrored suit. Of course the lasers never really did any actual damage to anyones suit when they were shot, they just kinda fell over. Regardless the lasers should bounce off a mirror. I know what you're thinking, the lasers won't be deflected back at who fired them. While this isnt that big a problem as everything around the shootee usually got hit pretty darn hard. But anyway, there is a way they could make the suit so that the laser would deflect right back where it came from. I cant remember what its called but there is this kind of mirror with tons of tiny concave mirrors in it that reflects light back from where it came. I saw such a mirror on one of the newest Mythbusters when they shown a laser off of one on the moon and back to prove that people had been there. Crazy stuff, but the point of this whole thing is if they made clothing with these mirrors on them you couldnt be shot with a laser it would just launch right back at the shooter. I may have ended up being the dumbest looking guy roaming the death star but I wouldnt have died...well if I was still there when it blew up the mirrors wouldnt really do much then...and I'm not really sure what it would do to a lightsaber. Whoa maybe it would like bend the lightsaber inside itself. Wrap your mind around that one, Yoda himself couldnt predict what would happen.

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