Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yippie ki yi yay [my friend]

I recently pondered which was the best utterance of John McClane's catchphrase, which by the way is pretty hard to spell out. In trying to find how it is spelled i found everything including yippie-ki-yay, yipekieeeee, Yippe Ki Aye, yippee kayea, Yippi Kiyai, Yippie ki ya, and yippikay yey among others. Needless to say I found them all inadequate and spelled it as I did. But I digress.

I warn you now that if you have not seen the Die Hard movies and do not want to know what happens stop reading now. If you are a man, please go rent them now as your man card is on probation until you have done so.

In the first Die Hard he says it a couple times, all relatively BA but not by John McClane standards as we know them now. The second one is where after that gunfight puts a hole in the gas tank of the plane with the all the bad guys on it and John lights the stream of gas on fire as its taking off. That is pretty friggin' sweet. The third one or Die Hard with a vengeance as its known is when the helicopter with Hans' brother and that hot German chick on it is lining up its shot on ole John and he looks like he has no way out, but he makes an impossible pistol shot at a telephone wire and it falls on the choppers rotor making it crash. Man Die Hard is so sweet! If I had to rely on any movie character I'm pretty sure it would be John McClane. This includes the Bourne guy, any of the people from the Matrix, airbud, any superhero ever, terminator, anybody!

Anyway I believe that the fourth movie Live Free Die Hard contains the greatest of them all. Again when it seems John has been beaten he turns the tide and kills the baddy. THIS TIME with a gun pointed at his chest, foe behind him, he is told his tombstone should read "always in the wrong place at the wrong time" to which he replies "how bout yippie ki yi yay mother" BANG! and then he shoots the guy through his own chest! Far and away the most BA of them all. One of the manliest killings in movie history. Plus the witty response is vintage McClane, that just seals the deal. So there you have it case closed killing someone through your own chest because that's your only option, coolest thing ever.


  1. Look what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!

  2. Crap I hadn't seen Live Free or Die Hard! I should have heeded your warning!

  3. The Die Hard movies are the pinnacle of Man Movies. A great blend of cheese and crazy action. Definitely a Revocable Man Card offense to not have seen them all!

    I run, home of the Worlds only Authentic Man Card. We've got over 2100 members, and you need to go get yours!

  4. Try using the subtitle option on your DVD remote while you are watching the movie. You should see how Hollywood spells it. Capiche?