Sunday, August 24, 2008

3 Shots

I am presently watching sunday night baseball, the dodgers and phillies are in the the 10th both having used up their bench. This prompted Jon Miller to say that it is Cal Ripken's birthday and that 25 years ago the Orioles had used up their entire bench and then Tippy Martinez came in the game and would pick off 3 batters. This is about the 8th time I have heard this story and the first time it was not told by Jim Palmer. Palmer never included the details about Cals birthday or the bench being exhausted, but will always tell you those are the only 3 batters Tippy picked off in his entire career and all were by faking to third and throwing to first. This is also the grand daddy in what I refer to as the Jim Palmer drinking game. Jim Palmer talking about himself is a sip of your drink as is referring to the 70's. Talking about the batter being in the shadow and the pitcher being in the sun is a shot as is mentioning Tippy Martinez by name. And the puke inducer is the 3 shots that must be done if Jim's "Favorite memory of Tippy" is recited, one for each runner picked off.

In case you were wondering Mr. Palmer did take a minute or two in this afternoons game to explain how hard it is to hit in the shadows when the pitcher is in the sun, and happy anniversery Tippy

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