Monday, August 18, 2008

Bruschetta King

In my many travels over the last few weeks I was lucky enough to use a Burger King bathroom for a pitstop. While washing my hands I noticed a piece of artwork on the door. It was a stereotypical italian chef holding a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. Personally this made absolutly no sense. I was told that the picture in the same spot in the womens bathroom was of a bunch of babies throwing toilet paper everywhere. Creepy, yes. Out of place, no. I'm not entirely sure why that picture was there nor will I ever know as I dont remember the exact location of this Burger King but I have a couple guesses as to why it was there. Either the owner once owned, wants to at some point own, or thought he was going to own an Italian resturant. Or it was dirt cheap. Neither is a decent excuse but they would at least explain it.

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