Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Overheard: High's Convenience Store

While in High's today waiting to purchase my lunch I overheard a somewhat sad yet hilarious conversation. A man had apparently recently broken up with his girlfriend and was discussing it with the confirmed bachelor that works the counter.

Now when I listen to a conversation I don't really give it much focus at first, whatever is really loud and I can't avoid hearing I hear. But once something funny comes down the pipe I hone in, and hone in I would.

So anyway, this guy is saying a bunch of stuff about how some women is crazy and stuff, meanwhile I contemplate which scratch-off I wish to buy. Then the cashier baited "I didn't realize you guys broke up" to which the man replied "Neither did I til 3 days before she left for Vegas...the second time". Needless to say at this point I start paying attention. "So who is this guy" the cashier, who is now attending to my purchases, asks and to my delight the story gets better, apparently, "he lived with her when she was 13 and he was 17, then her dad kicked him out of the house. Then she had some relationships, had some kids and then she got with me" Me being the guy talking to the cashier obviously. How casually this was all said can not be understated. The last nugget of hilarity to greet my ears was "I mean I understand why she left, I still think its wrong, but I made my fair share of trouble, I threw chairs, ya know" and then came possibly my favorite quote of them all "I participated in the dysfunction" Unfortunately I had to leave at this point to go eat the lunch I had come to High's for, but needless to say it was much more difficult to eat with all the laughing.

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