Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Game of Politics

Do you think in the history of the world a group of nazis have ever played Yahtzee? Just a thought that crossed my mind the other day. I am a personal believer in the sentiment that 'it had to have happened once'. And I will go as far as to say that when it did happen one of the nazis playing the game made a joke to the effect of "hey look its nazis playin yahtzee" or something of the like.

Having now researched the history of Yahtzee to see if the Hitler Nazis could have played I have learned commercial Yahtzee was created in 1956 while dice games of very similar rules but different names are much older one being called Yacht being traced back to 1940. So Hitler never used the words Yahtzee and nazi in the same sentence but i mean there are still nazis so it totally could have happened.

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