Monday, July 28, 2008

Puttin' the porta in porta-potty

Everyone has seen a row or ten of convicts picking up trash on the highway in their day. Always making you think "my isn't it grand how the government can make those 'people' productive". But something being carted behind them on a trailer bothered me a little. Bumpin' down the median at 4 mph was a porta-potty. Is that really necessary? How much money could be saved if we eliminated this poop pod? First of all the truck towing it would use less gas, the trailer could prolly be eliminated completely if they just threw all the weed whackers and those sticks with nails on the end in the back of the truck. Secondly you would save on the cost of buying/renting the thing and all the maintainance costs. But Chris where are they gonna go to the bathroom? Well the simple answer is if ya gotta go number one just go under the truck, and if ya gotta go number two i suggest you hold it. Thats how I imagine the guard saying it. But Chris what about the girls? All i know is I've never seen a female on one of these crews so my plan doesnt account for them, and regardless chances are the kinda lady in that situation wouldn't be too put off by goin' to the bathroom outside.

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