Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Whats more fun than a monkey?

I have always wanted to have a pet monkey, I mean who wouldnt want one. It would be like owning a tiny hairy person who does lots of hilarious things. And how many living creatures only get funnier when you put clothes on them? The answer is not many but monkeys are defintely one of them.

Anyway, I decided to look into renting a monkey for a day. This would free me of the responsiblities of caring for a primate messier than myself while still allowing me to have some fun. We could go for rides in my car, dress him like a cowboy and teach him to ride my dog, have a watermelon eating contest, play catch, man a monkey would be nothing but fun.

Unfortunately being I am a regular person and not some Hollywood type shooting a movie I do not have access to such rent-a-monkey programs. Or at least could not find one on the interweb over the last couple of days. And to buy a monkey its like nine grand! So it appears my dreams of monkey fun wont be fulfilled anytime soon...unless of course the jamaicans hold an answer.

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