Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Art of the Olympiad

Was anyone else aware that from 1912 to 1948 Olympic medals were awarded for art? I had no real qualms with this until I began looking at the medal winners. Lets take the 1924 games for example. In the category of literature a Frenchman takes the gold, okay fair 'nuff hometown pick but whatever. Then the silver goes to a Dane and a Brit, wait two people cant win a medal! Then the bronze goes to both an Irishman and another Frenchie. So what did these people tell their families?
Oliver Gogarty- Hey pops! I came in fifth at the olympics
Ole Patty Gogarty- Well congradafrigginlations not even the guy infront of you actually won anything, grab a stool and a pint and quit braggin' about nothin
Oliver- Pops, I got a bronze medal
Ole Patty- Now that dont make a lick a sense, thats the last time we let the French run the Olympics. (Old man Gogarty would later die a happy man when he saw Paris' bid for the 2012 games fall just short) Barkeep get my boy a pint on me. What did you win that in son? 100 meters? Javelin?
Oliver- Literature pops
Ole Patty- Literature! Damn French.... bring me two pints and three fingers a whiskey

As if giving out more than one of each medal in a subjectively judged competition isnt bad enough, in the category of architecture there was no gold medal!
How yuppie do you have to be to just decide "You know what, I dont think anyone deserves the gold, we can have a 'winner' but just give them the silver, we'll melt down the gold and make it into halos we can where about." And in 1920 the only medal awarded for architecture was a silver! All I can say is thank goodness this yuppifest ended in 1948.

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