Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Three Stooges vs. The US Government

The highlights of my eighth grade report comparing the three stooges to the three branches of United States government

Moe- The executive branch as he is the leader

Larry- The Judicial branch because Supreme Court Justicies serve for life as did Larry as a stooge

Shemp and Curly- The Legislative branch as the senate and house split that role just as Shemp and Curly shared the role of the third stooge (I would later in my life learn there were infact more "third stooges" including Joe and Joe Curly)

The stooges sense of humor is their constitution as it is what holds them together

The government has a system of checks and balances as do the stooges (hitting each other)

The stooges have no political motives whatsoever

There was more but it is less funny and more informative thus I shall not repeat it

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  1. Um that's a pretty brilliant analogy for an 8th grader...you got an A right?