Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Form follows function

If it were at all fashionable for a man to carry a purse, I wouldn't leave home without one. My pockets are constantly full of stuff from car keys to pocket change to army men. Not to mention the cell phone thing. The more research thats done on them, the farther i want them away from my fellas. Plus I could carry so much more stuff around with me from my emergency packet of old bay to more army men to i dunno maybe some kind of noise makers? That purse or man's bag if you will, would be a regular bag of fun. More fun than my pockets could ever be even if I were wearing cargo pants. Plus with a bag full of all your stuff you dont have to switch said stuff from one pair of pants to another. I'm not really sure how to make such a bag fashionable but I'll support it when it happens. No homo

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