Sunday, June 29, 2008

Remember: Mouse Trap

Mouse trap was always a pretty fun "game". Although I'm pretty sure I played the actual game only once. I don't even remember how it worked, you collected pieces of cheese as you went through the board and somehow you put all the gadgets on the board. And then the object was to get your own mouse caught in the trap? Anyway the game itself was kinda lame but damn was it fun to set up the whole chain reaction of junk. The swinging boot that kicked over a bucket and let a ball zig zag down that blue plank thing, the diver guy that would do a backflip into the pool thing, but he wouldn't quite flip far enough most of the time so you had to go back and reset everything before it. It was so hard to keep track of all the pieces, like 5 different sized balls and wierd structural pieces that when you are a kid you dont care about. And then when you lost one you had to try and find other things you could replace that part with. I'd wager to say that there is not one full set of mouse trap out there today. I mean unless they are making new ones or something which they could be. Either way I'd like to find a bunch of other people with old mouse trap games and see if between us we could assemble the entire thing. Oh Rube Goldberg machines.

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  1. You took it from childish and fun to dorky all in the last sentance