Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nightly Orioles Trivia

I've become quite annoyed that the Orioles have changed the format of the nightly trivia question. In the past the question would be shown in the second or third inning. An announcer might give a hint, maybe a "I'm pretty sure I know". Then a few innings later they would show the question again the announcers would chime in with their guesses and they'd show the answer.
NOW in the third inning they show the question followed by a two second pause after which Jim Palmer answers the question like that dee bag kid in class who has to make you feel like an idiot anytime he knows something you dont. Then they show the friggin' answer. If I wanted to listen to Jim Palmer spout random crap I wouldnt watch the games with the volume turned way down.
So to all the MASN executives who read my blog please give us at least a couple of outs to try and think of the answer to the trivia question. Thank you.