Saturday, June 14, 2008

An approximation of where I've spent my life and what I did

Yes everything listed here is true although the exact percentages may not be correct but who's counting.

Canada- 0.04%
Niagra Falls- 100%
75%- Seeing the sights
25%- Gambling

United States- 99.96%

Colorado- 0.05%
33%- Seeing the sights
33%- Wandering the Denver airport
33%- Sleeping on the floors of junior colleges

New Mexico- 0.22%
99%- Camping, Hiking, Backpacking
1%- Eating at steakhouses

South Carolina- 0.04%
90%- Living on an aircraft carrier
10%- Exploring Fort Sumpter

New York- 0.1%
3%- Watching the Orioles beat the Yankees
20%- Wandering the streets of New York City
6%- Wandering the streets of Cooperstown
6%- Exploring the Baseball hall of fame
7%- Killing time in hotel rooms
10%- Riding in a car
5%- Riding the subway
34%- Sleeping
5%- Eatin' pizza
1%- Trying to find the correct Chinatown bus
1%- Playing putt-putt
1%- Eating at steakhouses

Pennsylvania- 0.1%
45%- Hershey Park
7%- Driving through it
40%- In Coopersburg for some reason
7%- Watching Maryland football beat the snot out of Temple in the rain
1%- Eatin' cheesesteaks

Virginia- 0.2%
38%- Hangin' out in Virginia beach
12%- Driving through it
2%- Watching a Norfolk Tides game
5%- Eating at Cracker Barrel
37%- Camping
3%- Moving my sister in at JMU
1%- Playing putt-putt
1%- Eating at steakhouses

North Carolina- 1.3%
1%- Watching Maryland football beat UNC in overtime
3%- Watching Maryland soccer play in the ACC tourney in Cary
1%- Watching Maryland soccer win a National Championship in Cary
2%- Packing/Unpacking the car
3%- Seeing the sights
33%- Sleeping (either in bunkbeds or on the floor)
18%- Loungin on the beach
25%- Doing lord knows what in the Outer Banks
6%- Playing wiffleball
2%- Watching the Outer Banks Daredevils
4%- Ridin' bikes
1%-Eating Carolina pork BBQ
1%- Playing putt-putt

4%- Getting Fishers popcorn
4%- Getting Candy Kitchen
0%- Paying Sales tax
12%- Waterslidin'
25%- Loungin' at the beach
8%- Hangin' around Bethany
4%- Hangin' around Rehobeth
31%- Sleeping in those two places
8%- Trying to find stuff for scavenger hunts
1%- Watching that soccer game where that girl took her shirt off, why this is such a distinct memory I do not know, its the moon landing of my puberty I guess
3%- Playing putt-putt

Maryland- 97.95%
10%- Being a baby
9%- Sitting in School
2%- Going to Ocean City
2%- Going to Deep Creek
1%- Going to Orioles games
1%- Going to Frederick Keys games
1%- Going to Bowie Baysox games
1%- Going to Terps games
1%- Going to Other sporting events
18%- Eeking my way through college
19%- Being completely and entirely unproductive
1%- Playing putt-putt
1%- Eating at steakhouses

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  1. 40%- In Coopersburg for some reason

    that's my fave...obvi!

    (yea go ahead yell at me for just saving "fave" and "obvi"