Monday, March 16, 2009

Then again who doesn't like dancing girls?

As many of you know I am in fact a Republican. But I have been trying to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt whenever I can. Some people have put a little too much faith in him in my opinion. Not to get all political and whatnot but this was an ad that was on my instant messenger.

Yes that is an ad for "" which I must say I in no way support in that I know nothing about the site. All I know is that it is great that "Obama is the New President" and they like digital dancing girls.
Now again I'll be as happy as anyone if Obama can fix the problems of this country, but in the word of my former roommate, really? This just reminds me of that lady at the convention I believe who went on that rant about how Obama was gonna give her a car and pay her mortgage and bring back Jesus for an unprecedented third coming. Sadly we did not transform into some sort of utopia, and chances are clicking that button will do nothing for you bills.
Somewhere in there I lost track of my point, but I think what I'm trying to say is its okay to have faith, but its not okay to just stop thinking and trust that someone will fix everything for you.
p.s. this was supposed to be funny, but took an oddly serious tone. I apologize for this as I plan on it not happening for quite some time.


  1. But racism no longer exists, doesn't that count for something?

  2. Obama's gonna pay for my house, my car, my 14 kids, my pet tiger, my new above ground pool, my student loans, my speeding tickets, my other pet tiger, my hair plugs and all my bills.

    I love Obama!